Fandoms Include and are not limited to: Doctor who, Supernatural, Avatar:The last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Sherlock, Starkid, Glee, Disney, Harry Potter, Once upon a time, Marvel, DC, Haven, Fringe, (Do those have fandoms on here? why not.) and many more. Yep.. I'm 90% sure i messed major ones but you will find out by looking. And that may or may not be in order of what much i am in the fandom...
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if i die young and people i hate cry and use my death as an attention seeking tool, i want all of you to beat them to death so i may have my reckoning with them in the next life

But really my best friend died when we were 16 and so many people I knew she didn’t like were using her death as a tool and I bought used the blood of these fake ass tricks to summon some bitch slaps